Event Marketing, Sponsorship, and Promotions

Offering an event, or sponsoring an event group, can be a major marketing shortcut to reach your prospects and create new awareness of your company and products. It also positions you as a thought leader and builds goodwill.

We organize social event communities by interest. Getting together to learn, network, enjoy, celebrate and make new connections, we focus on four main types of event groups and event marketing opportunities.

Entrepreneurs + Startups + Investors
Groups in Boston, New York, Orlando, Santa Monica, San Francisco

If startup companies are your audience or you are seeking innovation and want ideas from some of the best and brightest local entrepreneurs, our startup and entrepreneur communities are a great way to do it. Host a networking night, a pitch contest, or promote an event of your own.

Developers + Tech Enthusiasts
Groups in Boston, New York, San Francisco, Milwaukee, Houston

Engage with the developer community, open source enthusiasts, app creators, tech lovers and more. 
Create a hack-a-thon, a maker-night, a tech seminar or promote your own tech event.

Groups in Boston, Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, Seattle
From learning to change a tire together to movie nights and other outings, our women's groups are an amazing collection of people and interests. Engaging with these groups is a great way to gain exposure and feedback. Learning seminars, social events, cooking and food classes are popular here.

Recreation + Nightlife
Groups in Boston, Miami, Milwaukee, Portland OR, San Francisco
These groups get together and enjoy the arts, sports, fine dining, fitness and health, the outdoors, live music and much more. We developed these communities of enthusiasts and they are eager to return the support of an awesome and well-aligned sponsor.

We connect people with companies and products in a way that leaves everyone wanting more. Call 617-652-0002 to discuss a promotion plan for your company.